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Is the PCM, ECU,ECM all the same things? Are people using these names interchangeably? How many computers does the 2006 Dodge Durango have in engine?
My 2006 dodge durango was smelling like gas for several weeks. It was also hesitating periodically when I would start. I took it in and they said it was the fuel pump, so they replaced it and the smell went away and the hesitation also. However, I filled up the tank for the first time but it's not reading the gas level correctly. The digital display and dial went from a full tank to a quarter of a tank within 1 mile, then back up to nearly a full tank. I've never had issues with the fuel display before I took it in.
Drove the car all my lights came on on the dash car would not crank let sit over night it cranked up tried to keep trying it that night but it wouldn't turn over again check engine lite is on don't have no code yet
Doesn't start up right away like it us to
Where is the egr valve located on 06 dodge Durango v8 4.7
This code calls my check engine light to stay on when I reset the code the light stays off as long as I stay off the highway and do city driving. But as soon as I get onto the expressway the light comes on. Don’t have the money to get it fixed about 800 bucks they say so my question to you is it really necessary to get it fixed. No noises.
Doors locks can not. On/ off by remote. & From. Inside
died while driving did start but would only idle give it pedal and it died now nothing but cranking
Did it a couple wks ago but started back up after couple tries, then no problem until today, now it just wont start keeps cranking. Replaced crankshaft censor, still nothing.
Changed fuel pump a month ago ran good for a few weeks but now when I drive it and it sets a few minutes it takes alot of tries to get it started once started runs fine. Changed plugs still same problem. Please help
drove all day went to the store came and started it put it in reverse and it wouldn't move
How much will this cost to get fixed?
I have an 06 Durango with the 4.7l. It was making a lifter type noise, the oil light came on and then the engine light. I shut it down but appears the motor is shot. I ordered a new crate motor, and having shop service transmission and differentials.. Anything I am missing?
Ithad been sitting for six months before I bought truck. I got door open and grid to start it turns over but just won't start. It doesn't have water in oil or gas. Checked fusses and are good. Lights work so Battrie is good.
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