2006 Dodge Durango Questions

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Did it a couple wks ago but started back up after couple tries, then no problem until today, now it just wont start keeps cranking. Replaced crankshaft censor, still nothing.
Changed fuel pump a month ago ran good for a few weeks but now when I drive it and it sets a few minutes it takes alot of tries to get it started once started runs fine. Changed plugs still same problem. Please help
drove all day went to the store came and started it put it in reverse and it wouldn't move
How much will this cost to get fixed?
I have an 06 Durango with the 4.7l. It was making a lifter type noise, the oil light came on and then the engine light. I shut it down but appears the motor is shot. I ordered a new crate motor, and having shop service transmission and differentials.. Anything I am missing?
Ithad been sitting for six months before I bought truck. I got door open and grid to start it turns over but just won't start. It doesn't have water in oil or gas. Checked fusses and are good. Lights work so Battrie is good.
Fusses checked but doesn't need any. Turns over but doesn't start.
nothing comes out the front vents at all
What is the cost tp fix problem
My hub went out and the wheel went sideways I replaced the hub but notice the caliper looked bent back but was told they cannot bend so I put the tire back on and it grinds really bad when I put it drive or reverse ?
Turned off and on several times. Did it one more time and it worked. Also from time to time the alarm will go off when I am driving and I have to push in the Key and it goes off. Is it a Trany Issue or.... Iv owned the truck for 6 years (NO payments) and it has 130k on it, bought NEW... should I bag it and get a new car or put the MOney into it. I keep it very well kept...
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