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had battery, starter, and alternator tested. The battery dies no more than two days after charged.
2005 dodge durango 5.7 engine will turn over then just dies. It's not all the time just every once in awhile
I hear air when I start it, there is some what of a shake also. The sludge churns out like soft serve chocolate icecream
What seems to make the problem better or worse? not sure
How long have you had this problem? just noticed it today
I replaced the resistor pack last year. Blower worked well until May. Replaced blower motor this time. Harnesses check good. No sign of over heating. Getting voltage to both sides of the motor though. Any help in what to check?
When the car sits it overheats to the red. As soon as I start driving it stops. I have replaced the thermostat, fan clutch, water pump, radiator cap and added headed gasket seal. What other problems could this be? I bought it a little over a month ago and this is killing me. PLEASE HELP!
Also has a PO204 are they related?
windows wont work and cigarette lighter wont work so cant plug in GPS
Does it need to be replaced
I have a 2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 hemi and it's been shutting off while driving and idle. It doesn't happen all the time though. Also it hesitates sometimes on acceleration. Almost like it's running out of gas but I always have plenty of gas. Another issue is the check engine light goes on and off once and in awhile. We replaced camshaft sensor already but still have these problems. My mechanic can't seem to find any codes that would be causing this either.
Can the filter be changed without any problems
No leak in water pump, hoses even heater coil
I had my truck in the shop because it was stalling and running rough! He put a new computer, crankshaft sensor! I got it out of the shop and it still stalls and runs rough! I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the Erg valve! After all of that it still don't run right! So what else could it be?
Truck sways real bad
When I put the key in to start will not start .. after a while it. Starts but when I cut off and take key out .. the truck cuts back on all dash lights without a key!
Heated seats, alarm key, interior lights when car is off and doors won't lock when pressing button on door when car is off.
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