2003 Dodge Durango Questions

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I have a 03 Durango it ran fine when I first baught it now it won't start just turns over when I spray starting fluid in the throttle body I will start and run fine until I shut it off I have changed the fuel pump ,crank sensor , cam sensor , ecm , map sensor and still just turns over I have fuel in the fuel rail but still nothing Any suggestions would help

Not sure if there is water in the gas tank

What causes my windshield wipers to turn on when I turn on my head lights and/or right turn signal.

There seems to be no help in Dodge mind for anyone who has this problem, 122,400.miles on no ctm part available, or looks to be to old for Dodge to worry about. 36-39 people on national waiting list in case they decide to find it important. They've recalled ctm on everything around mine but my vin. isn't showing but has all the same problems , of those recalled. Drains my brand new battery in a matter of 1-2 days , also having the wires in steering column fixed so heater blower works as should & brake/abs light all of a sudden coming on said it's in the wiring...

hi i change crank sensor,pick-up coil ,test the ignition coil to other car its working,my suv is 5.9 slt durango 2003

Still no brake lights.

Bad valve seat, machine shop fixed, put back together, replaced crankshaft sensor,still happens

My Brother in law didn't replace pressure cap properly on after adding stop leak , for a minor leak in radiator hose. This just happened 2days ago. Should I have Radiator flushed. Should I add New coolant to it? My reserve is full.

It occurs while truck is running, it also idles & stalls out on me when this occurs.

Once it starts it misses a little then turns off

It worked fine till a few months ago. It's closed now but I would like to be able to use the tailgate again to put things in the back, wondering how expensive it would be to fix and if it's worth it or just keep it locked??

timing chains were loose, I need to replace them. To do that, I need to remove cam shaft, how do I do that?

car drive fine but the noise sounds as thro something is broke or loose the noise is so loud unable to drive, don't know if axle or ball joints

Had a fob programmed at dodge dealership it worked by the end of the night back to flickering

I think my shocks are gone but I'm not looking to replace them. Sound comes from the back.