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I checked the fuse, it's good. I checked the bulbs and they are fine because all other functions work. I then replaced the brake light switch (twice) because I was convinced that was the issue. I will check the continuity later this evening when my electrician buddy comes by, but is there anything else this could be? I heard it's possible the computer needed to be reset so I disconnected the battery. didn't do the trick. Any suggestions are appreciated!
doors try to lock every second runs down battery
Truck died while driving, has power everywhere except gauges do not work. Now alarm wont shut off with clicker???
happens when you tilt the steering wheel. have had this checked several times and even had the steering column replaced. problem is as bad as ever. any ideas???
I had a heater hose go out which caused my Durango to overheat. I stopped it immediately, repaired the problem and went on my way. I noticed shortly after that there was a couple times I accelerated and it tried to stall out, but then kicked in after about a second or so and continued on as normal. When I got a couple blocks from my home, I tested the acceleration again, but this time when I hit the gas I heard a loud "pop" sound, like a loud backfire, the engine started to idle very rough, I had no power, but was able to coast to my house. I tested it with a OBD II scanner and it gave me codes P0300, P0302, and P0308. I know these are misfire codes for General, cylinder 2 and 8. I replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor, reset the PCM(I think) but still no luck. I tried re-reading the vehicle with my scanner again, but it keeps saying PASS No Error Codes. I also read the vehicle with the manual way and all it tells me is Pdone. No Errors. I am at a loss of what could be causing this. Help Please!
recommended replacement for shocks and struts in mileage.
I turn the handle to raise it back up and now it just spins. How do I fix this?
I checked both fuse boxes (left of console and under hood). No blown fuses.
Passenger side windshield wiper froze to window, did not notice. Drivers wiper cycled once before I turned switch off. Drivers side works fine, but passenger side wiper just twitches now.
Drivers side electric window is making a grinding noise when switch is engaged. I can hear the motor working. The window is in the up position so I haven't tried to force it down.
everything works with the key in the on position, but when it is in the off,nothing works.
but not all the time and it back fires if i hold the gas down but will get going if i pump the gas to get up to speed....any idea what this could be?
where is the thurmaste at on my car
Is there a perminant fix for the failure of these parts, or is this just something I have to live with as long as I own this car I have replaceed all of these parts at least twice in the last year.
it idles good it just sound rough
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