2002 Dodge Durango Questions

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Runs great for a few days. Then out of the blue, just dies. Does this when warming up. And also when driving down highway. Ready to go crazy. It has been in the shop more than I have drove it.

While driving it started to smoke. Just checked transmission fluid last week and it was fine.

Or reverse it will not go but a little bit or not at all. Please help me. I can hear my fuel come on in the gas pump when I turn the key. When I bleed the fuel from the hood it comes out in a spray almost not a stream. I changed the spark plugs as well.

I have had it in the garage for 4 days now, they don't know what it is. the code that is being sent is security key not read. I don't know what to do. I need my truck back.

was driving one day everything worked. Went to drive the next day my ABS dash light came on and my Parking break light came on as well as my speedometer quit working all at the same time. how do i fix this issue

Foot on the brake and accelerator at same time the last couple days so I UN capped a vacuum line to make it suck air and speed up the idle that helps but I want to fix it right please help

My driver side window controls all windows just fine but each individual window won't work....

Have replaced fuel pump, brain box and relay to fuel pump.Dealership could not get codes or get it to fail.I drive to work leave for lunch when I get off at 4pm on hot day will not start.this started at end of last problem all winter. summer is back so is problem.

If it rains, heavy dew or any moisture causes the vehicle not to start at all just turns over and over then makes a sound similar to medal on medal so if it rains i have to just not try to start. Dont want to make the issue worse. On sunny days the car drives like a champ. If I run it through the car wash it will immediately start to sputter and wants to stop running. If I can keep it running a go a high rate of speed within the limits of the law of course it seems to dry out and begins running fine again. I have heard possible a cold sensor needs to be replaced. Any suggestions would be great. thanks Its been raining for a week I am going stir crazy not being able to leave and this is cause an unsafe environment in the event of a medical or another type of emergency.

When I took it in to a dodge dealer to get fixed they charged me $40 to say they couldn't do it because of an electrical problem but didn't tell me what that problem was. But I think it has something to do with the same reason why all my passenger door window switches don't work. so I need to be pointed in the direction of were to start.

already replaced starter usually starts after it starts first time but after a hour or two does same thing

i think my car is runnig to rich it will not stayrunning on a ideal it runs ruff