2002 Dodge Durango Questions

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When starting up it won't catch but can hear it. The truck cuts off while driving it. What I hear I believe is coming from the passenger side of the car and a loud back firing nosie from the tail pipe
Changed plugs
Pictures where located
my key switch lock up won't turn over
All the other speeds work
What does this code mean and any suggestions on how to fix
Oil is milky color. Had been over heating prior to this. Let someone borrow it & they didnt put water
It zometimes turnsover but will not start
It sticks and doesn't want to go in gear out of park sometimes.
Was not running when it jumped, diagnostic machine just says it needs crank sensor. He believes motor is still in good shape and was rebuilt in September of last yr. New fuel pump, and almost all sensors.
it loses oil pressure when i stop and smelled bad.
Trying to accelerate quickly is impossible at this point. It is as if it can't change gears on its own; 1st and 2nd are fine. I have to let off gas until under 2500rpm and then slowly press on gas to get to the speed I need. When it gets to 3000rpm it jerks as if it can't get the gas it needs. Engine light is on.
my Durango one day decided it didn't want to go into gear (drive), then it went to reverse. I was slowly losing my ability to go into any gear. what is the problem
Emergency brake I broke under vehicle in middle and the emergency brake got pushed down and can't release cause cable is all broke how do I release to get the flashing e brake light off?
It will not unlock and the alarm comes on
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