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The abs light and the brake warning light stayed on..I put new brakes on (all four wheels) and replaced the ABS pump..the ABS warning light went out but the brake warning light stays on???
Abs unplugd motor ran noisey even when cars off. . Brakes ok. Check engine light abs brake light on. Next day speedo stopd working. I heard its common for this combo. But. The trani feels like its shifting to high rpm 1 st to 3nd. Should the trani be affected.
Check engine light code says minor evaporation problem changed fuel cap had exhaust system replaced light still on
If doom lights come on they go out as soon as I turn the key, it seems like there is a missing electrical connection.
Rubber bushings cracked and crumbling
Some say I need a tune-up.
Door locks keep clicking none stop it locks unlocks by it self all day all night this is a pain i need to know what to do to stop it from clicking
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing seems to make the problem better
How long have you had this problem? Almost a month
vehicle wont start must be in gear.
Everything works but the break lights
what would make a 4.7 motor overheat in regular stop/go traffic within 15-20 min
fan switch works, all positions work ( defrost, dash, and floor.) the heat is always on.
The driver's seat is worn out and uncomfortable. Can I take it out and put in the front passenger seat that looks almost new?
Low oil, no spark
everytime I run over a bump my Park light fuse blow and every time I stick a fuse in my four wheel drive it blows also
Started with occasional dying, then occasional no start .. full tank but now gauge rests on empty. Security light flashes, abs break and low gas light comes on occasionally with no start. Third time Mechanic said it's fine only to have symptoms return almost immediately. Have put in New fuel pump and map sensor, and battery cables. Different results each time I attempt to start the truck including no bus in odometer space, check engine, gas and security lights... sometimes it starts then dies. Sometimes runs great for days.. This is an 01 durango 5.9 L ..
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