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Strip bolt on bottom capable non brake system on 2000 dodge Durango
Truck never display any problems before. Woke up it was raining and 40 degrees out trick was locked over night went to start it it cracks but will not start. We look it has compression, and battery good everything lights up and rpms moves no check engine light i tested it it sprayed fuel getting fuel air filter is good and tested for spark got that don't know why it won't start no add noises no leaks I can see
When it’s running it idols really rough and when you drive it it backfires and spits and sputters and backfires out exhausting blows the muffler off
I just want to emptymy ashtray. I cant seem to get it out. Thanks
Before I purchase a transfer case off 2001 durango 4.7, i would like to know if it will fit my 2000 durango 5.9.
Replaced all brakes, rotors, and ball joints. Squirley when accelerator and control is slightyly compromised. If i hit a bump in the road I come down Hard, and sometimes feel out of control. Springs are about to break loose. Constant whining from rear end...especially when accelerating
Where should I start looking
found out had a bent rim on passenger side rear and it started to get an odd shape when putting on brakes it has a bump when you apply the brakes. Put new brakes and hardware and new drum but still does it. I was wondering if maybe warp axle or ruined the bearings.
popping sound or clicking sound on a Dodge Durango 2000 model 4.7. I was told it was a bad coil pack on the number 8 cylinder so I replaced that with no difference. Also when I accelerate the motor bogs down and makes a popping sound. Any ideas?
My voltage regulator in the pcm went out so I got 1 from parts yard, truck runs great, charging system perfect but every time I turn the heater fan on engine dies, when I shut fan down truck starts again .
Happens after sitting overnight.
Replaced Rear ABS Speed Sensor​. Still same thing. Also week before 50amp starter fuse keeps blowing so I hooked up a toggle switch temporary. Now the speedometer and ABS Light. Also no reverse lights and A/C blower not working either? Where do I start next? Ideas?
I just charged the a/c in my Durango an the air did not come out an colder then before when they system was absolutely empty. After I charged it, it started blowing the refrigerant out of the top of then compressor where the lines come in almost like it was purging itself. But I didn't over fill the system. An the compressor clutch engages then dis engaged an non stop does it every 3 seconds
Seems to be coming from the fan in the front casing of the cooling system... but someone said it may be the power steering pump...but my fluids are fine and it doesn't make any noises when i turn.. it's not running hot.. it's idling about 19 mph... I'm worried I'll get charged for things i don't need.. Connie
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