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Door Adjar Light Turns On and Chime Will Sound and interior lights come on while driving, also door locks activate
I replaced crank sensor, coil, pick up coil, cap rotor, plugs, ignition switch, timing chain. Seems like it wants to start but no start. I tested all components electrical everything ok. Fuel pressure 48 psi. Injectors test ok also. Cleaned battery cables.
I have changed every wire to do withe the battery and alternator.battery and alternator have all been checked and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing but battery still won't charge unless you hook up a battery charger
Trans was replaced by a shadetree mech. Recently.
I let it run for 30 minutes and it stops running and will not restart till engine cools. What is the problem now is it electrical? It is still saying bus
Last year while driving the car the engine died, and was very difficult to start. The dash engine light and brake light illuminated. When checked by Dodge Dealerships, they said the analysis showed a number of problems, but felt the problem was not repairable. I took it to a local repair shop and they got things right for about two months and the problem started up again, and the brake and engine light remains on. There are times I can drive 40 miles before it dies, and other times a get a few miles.
Any ideas??
Does the engine control computer needs to be programmed?
I need a engine control computer the engine stalls while I am driving. It happens often. I need a price and if I can get one in VA or NC.
What cost of labor and price of the pcm
This happens all the time now what can it be?
The code I saw on the dash was bu 5
having problems with the driver side window, it won't go up but all other windows are working fine.
Can drive short trips the tank is fuel
Oil pressure gauge did same thing next time I left it ideal
Checked battery all good there just changed plugs ,wirers, cap and rotor . Timing might have been a hair off but was running great minutes before it stalled
My "mechanic" took the pump off and hasn't returned. Now I'm stuck with several bolts and different lengths. I need help
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