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What line is the discharge and what line is the feed to the transmission from the transmission cooler.. 1999 Durango 5.2 4x4
Need new wheel barring mechanic said I need front corner what is it what parts do I need
I changed the bulbs and my brake light still not working so now I’m trying to check the fuse but I don’t know where the brake light fuse at , what would it be under ?
Crawled under the vehicle to look for loud squeal when accelerating. After a while of looking I had noticed that the crank pulley and harmonic balancer both move out towards the front of the vehicle and when that happens the squeal starts. I am looking for some advice on how to continue. I am pretty handy but by no means an auto mechanic. I am guessing there are bearings or a collar that may be missing/damaged? Thanks in advance
my 1999 Dodge Durango alarm activates for no reason. While sitting locked in driveway.
Turn key, engine turns, lights come on dash, but vehicle will not start. We've swapped fuel relay and it's fine. We even tried to jump start, but nothing seems to work. There is a spark,it's getting enough air and fuel is flowing. It's our only vehicle and it's now I'm the middle of of a snowstorm, so it's hard to be outside trying a lot of things. Please help....
Waited a little while and tried again she fired up I drove her home now she will not start at all? What could this be? No check engine light. She will turn over but not start. Could this be a fuel pump? I'm at a loss. It is a 1999 Dodge Durango 5.2
Can u tell me wats the problem with my durango
I replaced tbe ignition componet on my durango and now it wont start it frgs to turn over but wont catch
Door Adjar Light Turns On and Chime Will Sound and interior lights come on while driving, also door locks activate
I replaced crank sensor, coil, pick up coil, cap rotor, plugs, ignition switch, timing chain. Seems like it wants to start but no start. I tested all components electrical everything ok. Fuel pressure 48 psi. Injectors test ok also. Cleaned battery cables.
I have changed every wire to do withe the battery and alternator.battery and alternator have all been checked and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing but battery still won't charge unless you hook up a battery charger
Trans was replaced by a shadetree mech. Recently.
I let it run for 30 minutes and it stops running and will not restart till engine cools. What is the problem now is it electrical? It is still saying bus
Last year while driving the car the engine died, and was very difficult to start. The dash engine light and brake light illuminated. When checked by Dodge Dealerships, they said the analysis showed a number of problems, but felt the problem was not repairable. I took it to a local repair shop and they got things right for about two months and the problem started up again, and the brake and engine light remains on. There are times I can drive 40 miles before it dies, and other times a get a few miles.
Any ideas??
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