1998 Dodge Durango Questions

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All I know is its in the rear axl
After the engine runes for 5 minutes the oil pressure fails and the check guages light comes on
My day lights stay on even when l turn off the ignition switcht.
Is it a ignition switcht or daylights switcht problem ?
I replaced the pcm and resolved a whole mess of problematic symtoms,,,now my check engine light is on again and after my durango warms up the rpm will sputter and surge within a 100-150 rpm radius....when i turn on the heater or defroster it will kill my engine 3/4 of the time and when i try to drive her around the block she sputters and surges when I accelerate and dies 9/10 of the time,,,,,she is heating up more quickly but not overheating because I just turn her off...there is no water in the oil but napa said it could be my head gasket,,,,,but isn't this more of an egr symptom....i cannot take her to napa to get her tested because she won't make it up my small hill,,,,and for a durango my hill should be a mesquito bite sneeze,,,i love my hemi but she is nickel and diming me...I replace the pcm because i could here the cranshaft not line up and the engine shook and white smoke came out my tailpipe,,,those symptoms were rectified with the new pcm,,,I have also replace the water pump, the belt, the fuel pump and the plugs and plug wires since I bought her two years ago,,,also i have anal about oil changes and stuff like that
left side sound not responding
is it part of the remote
Passneger side locks switch now doesnt work did yesterday. doesn;t seen to be a fuse. no lights on drivers panel was on side panel front door. Help need asap, main transportation a nd use windows all the time. Horn didn't work but found out it was alosse wire could others be lose has been outside in alot of snow
My rear door lock will not engage. I tried the switch in the truck as well as the remote. I can hear the mechanism in the door do something when I try to lock it but I can still lift the handle and open the door. My key will not go into the lock either. What would it cost at most to have this fixed?
from driver tire but didnt see once i started drivin , got home and parked and smelled burnin smell and like behind tire was real red and hot looking.. what is it???
I changed the switch but that did not help.
Just need a good mechanic for tune-ups, etc.
I have lost reverse...I am pretty sure it is a 5.2 but how do i check to be certain
inside cabin will not warm up, hear vents opening, blower blowing, motor running, just enough warmth to clear snow/ice from window after 15-20 minutes of running
I can't fill my tank any more because the pump shut off automatically if gas flow is more than a small tinkle.
beside the blower motor itself what else could keep the blower motor from working and it is not a fuse
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