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also if it gets a jump, it starts right up and runs fine
the security light will come on on the dash gas gauge will not come on at the time of security lights on will not start cranks over but will not fire for approximately 3 to 4 hours if left alone then go back to it hit the key it will run fine until it was stall again what do I do
my wheel bearing went once so i bought another installed it went 30 km and it bkew apart,than i bought another new one installed went out driveway and it blew apart as well, i noticed caliper blots were bent as well..i also rmoved front axles recently because front yoke broke..its a four wheel drive but now there are no axles in front..what could be the cause?
I bought a compressor joint fitting 1/4 and still was to big the sleeve insert didn't even fit in the line.I tried w/o the insert don't work.why did I vet the wrong size fitting and if so what size should I get.
I have a 98 durango and i have a problem. First what I've done, i replaced ignition coil, cam/crank sensors, plugs, wires, Distributor cap, rotor, intake gasket, both o2 sensors, and fuel pump. Runs real good until it reaches operating temp then it start spitting and jumping like its running out of gas or miss firing. Left it with a dealership for 3 days all they came up with was the fuel pump which was not the problem please can someone give me a solution
We check ttuck regulary and. Lately been having to afd transmissoon fluid
When I put my keys in the ignition and turn it on I have a beeping and the windshield wipers come on what causes that
Everything with this truck has been fine I put a new battery new alternator everything has been working fine all of a sudden when I start to crank it the windshield wipers turn on and something in the dash is clicking after a few minutes it's stops.. the radio stopped working the rear windshield wiper stopped working had to take relay out of horn because it was wanting to go off I put a new battery in because I thought it was bad because when the truck sits for 2 days it goes dead
just put timing chain in Durango and now the thing wont start right. think dist. is off one tooth but cant adjust it how is that possible
Gas pump shurs off when i try to fill tank
Bf fixed wheel hub bearings, brakes, rotors. And the lights are still on. What is the abs sensor rear shift differential and where is it located? What else could cause it? After he fixed the bearings the speedometer works. Please help we need it fixed asap
Also my power locks click but won't lock or unlock.
What could the problem be.??
When I turn the lights on they flash after 5 /10 min's of driving turn them off then turn them back on and the same changed the headlight switch and same checked in the steering column found 2 wires fraied, fixed that and changed the multifuntion switch same problem airbag light is on
is there a relay or master contact that controls the window switchs
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