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Shock to headlight assembly ,new bubs to replace.
Ive gotten all 3 mounts replaced on my 2013 dodge dart recently and not even a full 2 weeks later they are saying my shifter cable is broken because my car wont go into park. i want to know if the 2 can be related somehow because this seems fishy
My heat or air will not come on at all it has happened before it have done this serval time and also this time my mileage is flashing
I will be driving 30-45mph and the battery light will come on and the car won’t accelerate and stops but the lights and radio stay on. On the freeway it will jump while driving.
The fuse blew and was replaced but the car will not start. What would be the problem. Tried jumping the battery but still wont start
Dart is pulling .1 to 3 amps with ignition off. Hear a loud click when battery connected (like a large power relay). Draw went down to .3 milliamps when i disconnected terminal connection ( believe to be going to interior panel) from the under hood Panel. Can't pull and reinstall several interior fuses due to location. Can the fuse block be removed easily?
Having trouble reinstalling fuse to interior fuse panel
What seems to make the problem better or worse? the longer I'm crammed in there, the more futile my efforts
How long have you had this problem? today
went to park my car put shifter in park but car was still drive could not turn off engine
when idling in park he can physically move the shifter but it doesn't seem to acknowledge it it will go into DNRL but won't actually go into them there are no codes no check engine lights only way to fix it is to remove one of the wires from the battery terminal took it back to the dealership twice finally told me it is the transmission range sensor cost $400 from what I've read the TRS sends info to the transmission control module which I've also read have been recalled on some darts my question why no codes and and how do they not know its the TCM
ac and heat do not come on there is no heat or air
For 2 years both lights come on randomly. First time at dealership added air to tires & lights went off. Lived with intermittent illumination until last month at dealership for brake recall work & asked them to check these lights. Dealership found fuse 21 open & replaced. 2 weeks later the 2 lights came on again while driving as well as message Service ABS system. Went several days no lights. The next time the lights illuminated when starting car, took to independent shop. He pulled codes C0020-16 ABS pump motor control circuit voltage below threshold, C0020-1C ABS pump motor control circuit voltage out of range, U0420 invalid data from power steering control module. He recommended replacing ABS module. Would a faulty ABS module cause fuse 21 to blow? It sounds more like a short in a wire to me. Any suggestions on what to check?
on my way to work my car's check engine light came on, and my car would not let me accelerate past 50 mph. stepping on the gas pedal didn't help at all. This is the first time this has happened, not sure what to think. What could be the problem?
It clicks when we are going slow forwards or backwards as I am turning at slow speeds only. It will also click if my foot is on the brake and engine is in gear and turning steering wheel. Does anybody have an idea of what this could be? We just got the car.
happens on very hot days, once the temp cools down or in the morning the AC works
It only comes up when my breaks fail which is sparatic.... and also the red light that says break comes on
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