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Not shifting
2007 dodge Dakota 4x4, after driving the truck about 45 min. when slowing down to a stop i feel a hard shift at about 10 mph.just seems to do it after it has ran for awhile. Took to the dealer dropped pan new filters and fluid. still there. thanks for your help.
Front-end Collision on passenger side crashing the headlight on the passenger side did not deploy airbags at 30 miles an hour
4.7L, 2wd, crew cab, 121k miles.
I can not predict when problem will occur, but often under slight load. If I shift to neutral and rev, prob goes away.
Where is the TCC module located. SVC 4WD light comes on and off while driving
diagnostic said replace crankshaft position sensor. Are there codes, if so how are they done
I have a 2007 Dakota quad cab 4.7 E85 .But I run regular gas. I get intermittent bucking both mild or severe for a few seconds then drives ok. Pulled plugs and replaced, they were ok. New crank position sensor still gets the intermittent problem. Dodge wants to redo the heads but that doesnt make sense as the problem occurs off and on engine cold or warm. Occurs with trans out of OD,, so I dont think it is a lock up issue. Any ideas? This doesnt act like lack of fire to a few cylinders but missfiring or cross firing as it just isnt lack of power but bucking. Thanks Chris
how many hours does it take to replace the a/c evaporator?
amount of time
now wont turn over at all
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