2006 Dodge Dakota Questions

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Iits a 2006 dodge Dakota and the back tires flat my spare is off. But I can t seem to get my tire to slide off I have the hub caps off and all 5 bolts what am I missing .
My son's truck makes a grinding noise when he turns the key. It's like a sound like he's turning the key when it's already running. He has replaced the battery and today he replaced the starter and it's still making the noise. What does he need to check next
Problem shifting down from 3rd to 2nd, there is a hi speed chatter that happens. Manually shifting to 2nd, then back to drive corrects the problem, this is not a constant problem and happens maybe 15% of the time. Vehicle operating at normal temperature.
Truck will not start off in low and will not down shift to low
The doors are closed tight and while driving the door ajar light stays lit and the dome lights stay on. I can't find the door switches like they used to be.
both my back doors quit opening on the same day. the bottom cables are broken at the end.
Can I swap v8 tranny and put on tranny on v6 are they the same
I have read of people having the light go on even when they don't even have 4 wheel drive. I've read it could be an actuator, tccm, or just reprogramed. Has anyone had this fixed and their costs?
I would. Just like to know how these parts are. The transmition is standared manual 6 speed. 2006 v6 quadcab
I have had to change the EGR valve 4 times in 2 years in my Dodge Dakota. I was wondering if there is there a recall or know issue with the EGR valves
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