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Do u think cam or crank Ard warped or bearings gaulded ,, possibly timing chain failure could diagnose no start ,,any chance it's stretch or possibly thrown ,getting fire at plug wires whith test light ,,but won't even try to ingnite gas ,,got fuel at rail
I replace the compressor thinking that was the problem but I still hear the knocking sound only when I turn on the AC it goes away when I shut off the AC but returns when I turn it back on
what weight oil is in the 5 speed transmission? on my 1999 dakota sport
4 cylinder NV1500
And what kind of oil and how much to top

replaced front brake line and wheel cylinders. Someone asked about abs unit on left rear frame rail couldn't find it.
Truck will not start, will turn over but not firing
Everytime we make a turn in the truck it makes a noise and it is hard to turn. So could be my powersteering pump or something else?
howdie pullin front diff out anything need to know about doin it just askin all help is good thk,s again
Can anyone post a pic of where the oil pressure sensor is on a 2004 Dodge Dakota? 4.7 engine
What are the steps to replacing the headlight, mine has gone out.
When I turn to the right while driving, a loud noise comes from the wheel well. I've been told it's the hub assembly.
Truck blows hot air when moving but only warm air at idle.
There is an intermittent clank underneath the vehicle that is not associated with specific driving motions or when going over a bump. It does not seem to be caused by shifting, acceleration or braking. It goes away for long periods of time and then starts again.
I just purchased an OBD device and I don't know where to lug it in
Truck runs great. But idle is really rough when I start it first thing in morning rpm's never go above 7000 and when warm stays at 7000, when driving, everytime at an idle it's rough. I have the magnum v6 3.7 liter. Really bugged. Is my truck self timed or do I need to have mech time. Don't have any codes. Only codes I've gotten recently is for a fuel cap. thx.
Was working on and off. Now nothing on any fan settings. Is that still the resistor? Or something much bigger?
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