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when warm or hot no noticeable slippage. usually with in 1/4 mile or less after it has shifted no notice of slippage. when transmission warm no apparent problem. any Idea what is problem and possible cost to repair. truck has approx. 106000 miles driven very infrequently. always garaged. live in green valley az.
I have the brake/abs light on the code is P 63? Also I did a tune up I did plugs wires cap and rotor and pcv valve and still missing, now it saying something about accelerate pedal sensor and O2 sensor 1 and 2 but not sure which ones as there are 4 of them?
at first when i turned on the air or heater I would hear a clicking sound that would stop when i turned off my air or heater. Thought it was my compresser at first except now i hear the noise all the time while driving.
We have changed everything
is there any type of filter that is inside the container where I put the oil in?
6 month s
blows no air when sitting still but blows a little cool air when moving
Hard shifting into 2nd and 3rd. Was occasionally happening now happens more frequently. Was told to replace pcm?
i have checked relays and connections
In my 2003 Dakota 3.9 L V6 , I have coolant slowly leaking from one of two bolts left side, front of engine near crank pulley. I had to add 1/4 gallon coolant to my overflow 06/09/17. Then again I added coolant on 06/16/17, when I noticed a leak under my truck. Today(06/17/17) it leaked again and added coolant.
I have done O2 Sensors, TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), Plugs 2X, Wires 2X, Cap Rotor 2X, Coil, and a lot of other new parts however my truck will not turn over. I am at a complete stand still trying to figure out where to go next. I have replaced everything and then some of what any code has ever come up (Which was always with the O2 Left Upstream, and 5 & 6 Misfire). What Now?
When first started loss of power for about 4min.
I have one vacuum hose ending at a small part behind the battery. The other end I can't find where it hooks to. Any ideas???
changed fuel pump still no start condition.
what more can you said when the air bag ligthstays on
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