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When i got into my 2002 Dodge Dakota today, no one had driven it yet today. I got to a stop sign and the truck kind of lunged forward and it acted like it was gonna die. I waited a min. then started to drive and it died. It wasn't doing this the previous day. Why? As i drove around town I noticed that it seemed to go away after I had been driving later.
the igniton got drilled out and then replaced by a new one orignal keys have been lost and now it starts but wont stay running
I have a 2002 dodge Dakota SLT extcab. It's got the 4.7 v8 magnum in it. I had a 35 hp power chip installed. What would be my new Horsepower rate?
Dakota 4.7l truck dies and went and tried to restart the fuel gauge does not work and it does not start then after vehicle is shaken around it seems to help the issue and vehicle finally starts and fuel gauge is working again not sure what the problem is maybe fuel pump or some type of sensor some one help please with ideas to fix pal?...
The passenger side floor of my truck has been soaking wet for months now. It is just water I am sure of that. Have pulled up the flooring and cannot seem to find where the leak is coming from.
there is suppose to be away to fix this .where can I get this fixed and how much
When the AC is running water drips from under the dash on the passenger side, Why?
I just changed my solenoid and it taps when I'm at idol. I have no tr codes.
My engine is rebuilt but my sending unit is the original. I don't have coolant in my reservoir but it's not running hot.
Check gages light came on and coolant overheating smells like smoke
On occations, the motor is cold, my eng. light stays on, po442 (EVAP sys., small leak detected). My gas mil. dropped alittle.
Yesterday, in Petersburg, I can't get the gearshift to release after pressing brake pedal very hard.
Want to buy a 02 dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 V8 4.7 liter but the owner told me it needs Oil sending sensor changed. I need information on where its located? What tools will i need? And is it easy to change?
have to press brake really hard
Replaced fuel pump no power to fuel pump or rest of truck Message No BusWhat to do
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