2001 Dodge Dakota Questions

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I feather the gas pedal and sometimes have to restart it before I can get it running. It only happens when trucks warm starting.
I am putting in a quart of piwer steering fluid about once every 2 weeks
Ran fine and then stopped vehicle for about an hour. When started back up it had a rough idle and would die out when applying brakes at a stop sign. 8 new ignition coils. No codes. Any other ideas?
My brake light wont come on, everything is fine and we tested the switch which works, when we apply direct power to the brake light it turns on so i assume its a problem with the truck supplying power to the swich, how can i fix that?
When I am in 2WD in my 2001 dodge dakota everything is fine. But when I go into 4WD it violently has extremely loud banging sounds like something is getting damaged. The sounds seems to be coinciding with the rotation of the wheels. Also tried to do 4-Lo, same issue, then it slipped out Please help!
2001 Dakota quad 4x4
Dakota Quad cab 4x4 with 4.7 Magnum, 303,168 miles. Extremely rough idle, loads up on fuel and doesn't want to stay running UNLESS I keep my foot on the gas. Replaced the plugs, 3 coils that were misfiring #1, #3, #6,cleaned fuel system, had the 3 catalytic converters checked out and replaced every sensor on my truck. STILL running extremely rough and loads up on fuel. HELP!
I have put a new blower motor in and new resistor but yet 2 days later it burned up again. I have replaced the resistor and wiring harness about 6 times in the past year?
Changed tccm, still nothing. No indicator lights on switch. 4wd quit working after battery went dead. 2001 Dakota sport 4x4 3.9 . Fuses all good.

How long have you had this problem? 2 months
I already changed the idle air control valve it did not fix the problem. I checked the code for the check engine light and it asks for a part that is not even in the vehicle.
The neutral safety switches are different. 2000 tranny has 3 prongs and 2001 has 5 wires
what would cause temp gauge to go straight to hot even after vehicle has sat all for day or so on 2001 dodge Dakota 3.9 L V6, but didn't do this until I change the alternator. Today have changed the thermostat and coolant temp sensor and still no change to the gauge.
I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota with a bent valve (?) that has 120k miles on it. Should I repair the valve or replace the whole engine with a remanufactured engine? What should I expect to pay for both scenarios?
On freeway when truck died, lights on dash read check gauges and showed fuel tank but plenty of fuel. Started and died a few minutes later. Checked fuses and relays & all good. Towed home then started truck and drove around block and idled fine. Next AM no start again but now Check engine light on, fuel tank showing and reading says No bu5 What does this mean and how can I test it?
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