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It won't start unless the steering wheel is in one upper position. Happens each time. One time it didn't start in that position too! Nothing happens if it's tilted at any other level, no lights, no power, etc.!
are brakes from a 2002 dodge durango compatible with a 2000 dodge dakota? front disc, rear drum
front disc, rear drum
When at idle, the engine will race up and then back down several times. Seems to be happening on a regular basis.
Severe loss of power, with back fire thru carb and exaust, until it dies. Engine will restart immediately. After warm up, it runs fine with the exception that it dies (withfrequency) upon deceleration for a stop>
Replaced water pump and thermostat 4 times. Never had visi.ble leak
It happens after truck has run for about 5 minutes
No codes
The pump itself? When you feel it up with gas I notice when the tank gets full? It drips underneath near the filler hose. Could that be it?
Also replaced tps & idle air control valve. Does not overheat. I thought the coolant temp sensor was mostly for gauge. Has new head & intake gaskets, good oil pressure & fuel pressure. No codes. Dies every time temp sensor plugged in. Never dies when unplugged
we can fill it and it will be empty with in a cuple of miles and that stuff gets exspecive after a while weve replaced it and thet still didnt work and when we hit the break it tends to shake when its going empty on the steering fluid
Places transcase tuse truck off road, wnt to disengag4wd and lever just moes freely with no disenagement of transfer case from 4wd.
machanic checked fuel pressure good my viper alarm wouldnt shut off so he disconected still had problem factory alarm is still hooked up with viper alarm he said computer is good its not giving no code and bbefore that problem check engine light would come on sometimes saying some pistons wer misfireing
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