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about once every month I have to put in some more break fluid and every once in a while I see a puddle under my car but not always. any sugjestions
I checked all electrical connections for voltage all is good. switch on dash board checks out good. compressor turns free with wrench. can not jump the relay to jump the compressor. can I put temp wedges in and force it to turn so I can charge it?
I bought my Dakota a year ago and it ran great for about 6 months. Check engine light came on throwing a generic tranny code P0700 as well as P0420 & P0320. Replaced the crank sensor and the speed sensor. Light stayed on but ran great for a couple weeks. There same codes again. Changed them out again a couple days ago and the light went off and ran spectacular for about 20 miles. Light came back on and ran horrible again(revved up and wouldn't downshift at a stop) same codes came back. Could it possibly be a ground wire shorting out because even with these codes and light staying on it seems to have a mind of its own, running good then not, back and forth?
When you start the truck it has a loud noise from the engine as if something is being shredded an a loud ticking noise! When you look under the hood there is metal shavings on the pully belt. Which is on the right side of the alternator. We just drove from Florida to Oklahoma everything was fine till last night when we went to move the truck from under the tree to the garage. The ac stopped blowing cold air also but when we went to add some leak stuff the low pressure area was already green. Please help four kids an a puppy
not even sure this is what is wrong, we already changed the crank sensor and still will not start, code came up as p0340 after we had changed the crank, which at first it said the crank
it does start up again but does the same thing over
The Truck actually does run well. But every now and then for no apparent reason when stopping or have stopped all together, like at a red light, the truck all of a sudden acts like the gas peddle is pressed to the floor. The other day I actually heard the back tires spinning. Only way to resolve is to push truck into neutral and let is rev up, then when it calms down back into drive and go on. This extra delay usually only takes a couple of seconds to resolve. But if you don't expect it you could drive right into the next car. I have had this happen within 10 minutes of starting truck. And not had it happen for 1 hour after starting truck. There is nothing common about the cause I can see. This does not always happen, but in the last week its probably happened twice. Any ideas. Thanks
and how many numbers ?...thank you
It just started out of no where what should I check for I like to start small before I go buy a whole new transmission
Hi, my name is Troy, and I just bought a 2000 dodge dakota SLT v6 magnum, and when I test drove it, everything was fine. But a few days after I bought the truck, I noticed that the check engine light had come on. I drove it down my street a few times to see if everything was okay. The truck ran perfectly, it shifted when it was supposed to, it has plenty of power, it starts like its brand new. I was wondering if there would be any other reason for why the check engine light would come on. Can anyone give me insight on this problem?
It's sputtering when its started or at stop signs
It makes a loud humming noise, any ideas
when its warm it doesn't start engine turn over fine but no start...when i hold down the gas pedal to the floor it sounds like it want to start ...
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