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I've been searching for a sway bar for my truck but couldn't find any so I wanna know if I could use one off a different vehicle
I replaced my PCM with a rebuilt one. Original code is gone now I am getting P0443. It will only code after it reaches normal temp. & I switch it off. I can drive it all day as long as never switch it off with no code. I have talked to the supplier of the rebuilt unit several times trying to make sure it wasn't there unit. The first one they sent me fixed my electric fan problem. How ever I was getting transmission code & my transmission would not take off in low gear. I sent this one back & they sent me the second one which is coding P0443. My original computer was burned out due to fan relay going out. I still have it so I reinstalled it & I don't get the P0443 code. I think it may be a bad computer again. Help I am lost
What does A.I.R stand for? I.e. with a.c. without or with A.I.r.
No speedometer ABS and brake light on continuiosly in insterment panel code PO500 other than that still runs and drives
Heater seems to be working but as said was told the problem could be heater core
it stalls but cranks up each time
it shakes every time shifting into 2nd gear its a v8, 4.7 liter 4x4 it only does it with 2nd gear
ive replaced the IAC, TPS, and crank PS already and nothing has worked. Ive got gas and a spark so I really dont know what it could be. 1/2 the time when it cuts out, the check engine light comes on and sometimes even the brake and ABS lights will come on. Usually once its cooled down for 20, 30 min, it starts right up, just not for long till it cuts out again
Glowing white and black smoke periodically
My Dakota has a bad ticking coming from the engine area it seems like its a lifter can I adjust it or is that what it seems to be ,it idels rapidly when its getting driven for a few,check engine light comes on
What sound does it make
sometimes the shifting problem will go away, but chattering and squeaking stay.
The battery was dead and had to be jumped. How do I get the computer to do the self test so I can get my certificate and complete my registration?
Vehicle is in 4WD and cannot disconnect because the shift lever is disconnected, how can I reconnect it?
minor crash with truck, damaged front end and replaced front clip . had it running drove a couple miles. Parked overnight and wont start again.
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