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Not when braking. Had been at 40 mph or above, but now at lower speeds. Never occurs unless steering to the right.
No heat 99 dodge Dakota 318
Truck sat for 2 years and ran fine. Trued to start it. No power to fuel pump. Changed all relays and fuses still no power to fuel pump.
It is located at the bottom of the timing chain cover and the top of the oil pan!
Idles high can be driving and it loses power cant get above 20 to 30 mph has a loud whine
When the truck is at idle it is idling any where from 400 to 800 rpm.
Changed out 99 3.9 for a 94 3.9 need reconnect points and routing diagram
Ineed to replace my fuel filter, where is it locted on my truck
guages etc dont work
Truck had no spark. Before it died it was running rough missing and trans jerking kind stalling but drove fine. Checked my distributor it looks fine.
Tranny was repaired, switch was working but repair place said not sinking deep enough. So I want to put lighted toggle switch in. What type wire and fuse and how to wire
i have followed these instructions
(1) Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
(2) Remove engine oil dipstick.
(3) Raise vehicle.
(4) Drain engine oil.
(5) Remove exhaust pipe.
(6) Remove left engine to transmission strut.
(7) Loosen the right side engine support bracket cushion through-bolt nut and raise the engine slightly. Remove oil pan by sliding backward and out.
(8) Remove the one-piece gasket."

and i'm unable to get the oil pan out past the transmission and front cross-member i need about another 1/8 of clearance to remove the pan. any help appreciated
Wires. Purple. Pink. PinkDblue black blackOrgStp green white blkstp what numbs please and ty
It cranks but won't start it isn't the cankpoistion sensor it gets spark has gas
Truck shuts down while driving
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