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guages etc dont work

Truck had no spark. Before it died it was running rough missing and trans jerking kind stalling but drove fine. Checked my distributor it looks fine.

Tranny was repaired, switch was working but repair place said not sinking deep enough. So I want to put lighted toggle switch in. What type wire and fuse and how to wire

i have followed these instructions
(1) Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
(2) Remove engine oil dipstick.
(3) Raise vehicle.
(4) Drain engine oil.
(5) Remove exhaust pipe.
(6) Remove left engine to transmission strut.
(7) Loosen the right side engine support bracket cushion through-bolt nut and raise the engine slightly. Remove oil pan by sliding backward and out.
(8) Remove the one-piece gasket."

and i'm unable to get the oil pan out past the transmission and front cross-member i need about another 1/8 of clearance to remove the pan. any help appreciated

Wires. Purple. Pink. PinkDblue black blackOrgStp green white blkstp what numbs please and ty

It cranks but won't start it isn't the cankpoistion sensor it gets spark has gas

Truck shuts down while driving

My truck keeps stalling. Replaced the cam shaft sensor, coil, computer board, fuel pump, and more. Any ideas?

My truck keeps stalling. Replaced the cam shaft sensor, coil, computer board, fuel pump, and more. Any ideas?

My son thinks he might have put to much oilin his truck. He lost oil pressure. When he restarted the truck. The oil pressure came back and then wentvaway again and the engine started knocking.

I removed the front driver said break line for better access at the bottom sliding pin and bushing on the caliper once pin was replaced I reconnected line without bleeding them once everything was reassembled and I removed the Jack I remembered so begin lazy I attempted to bleed the line I had removed without jacking it up or removing wheel. The pedal would not stop going all the way to the floor so I bleed the front passenger side same thing no pressure ABS light still on how do I fix this how do I make ABS light go off HELP PLEASE

I changed the bulb, and still blinks very fast , the right turn signal work fine. can anyone tell me what i need to do?

i have a 1999 dodge dakota.. when driving ,or in neutral... my rpm gadge jumps up and down, sometimes my truck cuts off.can someone tell what that might be?

My starter is having issues starting my truck now after my light switch went bad what could be wrong

Bought my 1999 Dakota with 5.2 for a work truck. It has 170000 miles. Had an issue with turn signal wiring being pinched under the gas tank that has been fixed. I have replace the map, IAC, and the throttle control module. It recently started sputtering sounding like its missing. Also when problem occurs it idles like I put a cam in it. I took it to auto zone to have pcm scanned and I was amazed by the amount of error codes they found as follows:
-P1297 no change in map signal

-P0201 through P0208 fuel injector control circuit malfunction
-P0505 Idle air control motor circuit malfunction
-P0132 HO2S 11 (bank 1 sensor 1) signal shorted to voltage
-P0138 HO2S 12 (bank 1 sensor 2) signal shorted to voltage
-P1296 5 volt VREF supply is missing.
No idea where to go from here. I've read about the pcm issues everyone has with this model year but it's not quite like my issue. Before I dump any more money in on this truck I need some advice