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Showing a code P0743 will that cause a whinning noise when put in reverse or neutral?
I have a whining noise coming from my transmission which is a 44re Trans 98 dodge dakota sport 4x4 5.2 . I have replaces the fluids and gasket and while in there I replaces the transducer and the pressure solenoid , filter . I drove it for a day and parked it and when getting in it again it was fine I was on the highway going 60-65 mph for about 10 mile and I looked down and the rpm was at 2500-3000 and no acceleration when I pressed the pedal so I pulled over and checked the fluid and it was find and I eventually had to have it towed home cause it wouldn't go over 10 mph any help would be great
My transmission makes a whining noise when in neutral
Blowes warm everything is nEw in the cooling system
My 1998 Dodge Dakota my heaters not getting warm I have changed the thermostat and put in new antifreeze but it's still not getting warm only when I drive down the road does it get warm
This just started happening when i put in a new brain because my dash gages weren't working
It makes a sputtering sound when I'm driving down the street like it wants to cut off
location & directions in replacing the fuel filter
Truck runs great but after 10 miles it starts jerking and looses power. So i have to pull over. It doesnt shut off and check engine light doesnt come on. Let it sit for 20 mins and its good to go for another 10 miles. Any ideas?
Pop cluch to restart new plugs cap and rotor gas treatment .problem getting worse last 3 weeks
getting check engine light code p1494
After it was installed need to know whats the problem
I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota that I have put into a 1997 truck without replacing the computer and my first gear now is not shifting could it be that I need to replace the computer or what else could be my problem? The truck work great before I put it into the 97 body?
It will stay in gear if I hold it. If I let off the clutch it will pop then stay in and I also can smell gear oil in the cab
Of the truck sometimes
Everything works good,except for the gages in cluster
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