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There is alot of excess play in my steering wheel. I had new tires installed and hat the tie rods and all the front suspension components checked out and everything was reported as normal. The steering shaft was replaced a few years ago. When setting still there is about two inches of play in the steering wheel to the left and to the right. Could this be a steering box issue? ... Thank you!

do I have to pull the manual transmission when I pull the 4 cylinder engine from a 97 dodge Dakota sport truck

I changed the coil pack and it started right up the next day I went out to start it and it just cranked and cranked I can hear the fuel pump kicking on so I can't think of what else it could be.

when i first crank it no problem,take off in 1st go to 2nd then 3rd before i get the rpms hi enough i have to let off gass or down shift,it acts like dont want to take the gas./
it just started this last night

My 4 high won't work but my 4 low will, now when I go back to 2wd my 4wd service light is still on with the truck not being on 4wd anymore? Thanks for your help

I put gas inside throttle but still won't start

a garage told me i had a vacuum leak,it idles high.i put it on a computer,the code read continus misfire ,i put new plugs &wires on still same reading.where are all the vacuum lines i need to check?

Anytime we try to crank it the starter just clicks nothing else. The battery doesn't stay on long either. We already know the fuel pump needs to be replaced. Would like to know more suggestions.

What could be causing the problem

I have about 277,000 miles on 2nd motor, replaced everything so far except transmission.

intermitting fuel delivery