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My 1997 dodge Dakota sport with a 318 magnum engine and a 518 transmission. The engine runs great and no lights or codes. Transmission shifts great and fluid looks great too. And I didn’t find any leaks on engine or transmission. But whether it’s hot or cold if u put the truck in drive or reverse it stalls but starts right back up.
I put the 03 sincurs on the 97 pugs wires new
I replaced all ball joints on the front end.Passenger tire is slightly turned to the right. How do i fix it?
low beams do not work high beams do what could this be i can not figure it otu
My Dakota 1997 truck 3.9l will not start most of time. When turn key all dash board lights go out like theres a loose connection but not.I do here a loud clicking noise in Power Distribution Center could this be a starter relay out or what.Have new battery and cable ends
I am fixing to get a new strap to have it put on. just wonder if it was on recalled for it before i do anything to it.
Just started after changing plugs just started making loud noise after taken up road when parked cut off n back on
There is alot of excess play in my steering wheel. I had new tires installed and hat the tie rods and all the front suspension components checked out and everything was reported as normal. The steering shaft was replaced a few years ago. When setting still there is about two inches of play in the steering wheel to the left and to the right. Could this be a steering box issue? ... Thank you!
do I have to pull the manual transmission when I pull the 4 cylinder engine from a 97 dodge Dakota sport truck
I changed the coil pack and it started right up the next day I went out to start it and it just cranked and cranked I can hear the fuel pump kicking on so I can't think of what else it could be.
when i first crank it no problem,take off in 1st go to 2nd then 3rd before i get the rpms hi enough i have to let off gass or down shift,it acts like dont want to take the gas./
it just started this last night
My 4 high won't work but my 4 low will, now when I go back to 2wd my 4wd service light is still on with the truck not being on 4wd anymore? Thanks for your help
I put gas inside throttle but still won't start
a garage told me i had a vacuum leak,it idles high.i put it on a computer,the code read continus misfire ,i put new plugs &wires on still same reading.where are all the vacuum lines i need to check?
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