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My truck keeps shutting off like it's running out of gas. The truck starts once then shuts off. Now it won't start.
Gas gauge stays on E has for years and the other day it worked for about 10mins. Now back to E. All other gauges besides rpm work.
My wipers are not working.
Also on a side note how do you know if you have the timing chain set correctly at first we did the number one cylinder at the top and the dots were not lined up guess I should have slapped the chain on and ran it from there because I line the dots up and now it doesn't start help help help
Coil won't fire
Backup lights don't work. I replaced all the blow out fuse and bulbs. I even replace NSS. Still dont work. I don't think it has a back up light switch for I looked for it and didn't find it. All light works except back up light. Help.
possibly related to problem is my idle speed sporadacly jumping from normal to 1800 and gradually falling back to normal. both conditions happen when cold or normal temp.
Battery totally dead.when I jump started I pressed on gas pedal turned on took off foot of gas pedal engine turns off
Ok so I've had this 96 Dakota for a couple of years and up til now has had no issues. I've replaced the fuel pump, the distributor, camshaft position sensor, and still won't start. Now I did have it going awhile back, by forcing power straight to the pump. Not a smart idea but one that got it running, until now not even that gets it to go. Its throwing the code 0171 too lean on bank one. It also is giving other error codes for the engine light says ecm bad. I however think that it isn't getting the signal necessary from the pump causing the ecm to kick back and say error. I have no idea on how to fix this and would really like some help. I've done literally everything I could think of and still nothing.
There appears to be no loss of coolant in normal driving, but when going up a long grade ... it spews and the temp indicates ... it HOT!
No spark at all
will not charge with new alternator
shifter is in 'P' or 'N' and key is turned, starter will not engage or even click. seems the 'P' sensor is not making connection.
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