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Had tranny an fuel pump recently change
Loud vibration in roaring noise in 3rd gear
I turn on headlights and only get the parking lights and rear tail lights. High beam switch does work and headlights come on in high beams. I have checked the bulbs and they. I also have no horn and have replaced the horn relay with no change. Also defrost blower motor does not work. Friend who was using truck to move said that he blew the horn and the lights horn and blower stopped working.
Low idle as well. And from time to time my transmission cooling line pops off...i clamped it several times but still finds a way to give me trouble. Any advice
the truck smokes when i start it. smoke clears up quickly.
If so someone please let me know asap... please
I've changed my sensors on engine not the tranny and no chk engine light
I have searched all over the bell housing. I simply cannot locate the crank shaft position sensor.
Truck runs great but is now leaking oil from transmission. There is no gasket applications in between the transmission and transfer case. Did I clean transmission too well when I had it out?
The truck stalls out when accelerating and then won't start for a few minutes irk what to do I was told fuel pump is good so I'm thinking sensor but need help thank you
I have tried fresh spark plugs, high octane fuels, new distributor cap & wires. Still pings?
I need a conputer for my 1995 dodge dakota 2.5 liter 5 speed. Can any other dodge interchange?
how do i reset the ABS & BRAKE lights on the dash to turn them off. also where is the ABS fuse? I found three places where it should go, i looked in my owner's manual also, but there is no fuse in all three places where it should be. (empty).
but the passenger side works fine. so i swap them out and still the driver side will not blink.
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