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The clips have broken due to age and wear and tear. I have the door panels off and just need some reference on wear some of the clips go. the doors still open from the inside.
when it is cold especially I crank up put the truck in reverse and the back area makes a loud wining noise. It makes the noise when going in reverse only. it does it most of the time, but always when its cold. I just had the transmission rebuilt less than two years ago. I don't think it is that. Could it be the pinoin nut on the rear axl
Originally I only had a problem with it stalling after taking a sharp corner or stopping at a light, and it would usually start up again right away but then it got worse and took longer before it would start. Replacing the spark plugs and the wires going to them seemed to fix the problem completely for a couple months, but now it will randomly refuse to start or stalls while driving. Sometimes it feels a little "sluggish" while driving, a few minutes before it actually stalls but feels like it's running fine just before it does.
rplaced wires plug distr. rotor and pickup
After driving for 8 miles the engine just stopped on the freeway. I just had the crank sensor replaced because it happened before.
water drains out the oil pan freely if cap for radiater is removed
why smoke comes out my exorce pipe every time i start the truck
my front springs squeaks, have replaced it quit for awhile
then started again
have a real bad motor mount and thinking maybe the crankshaft sensor might be bad cause it runs good and then sometimes it run ruff! have changes 2 injectors the timing chain and gears and diatrubuter run out of money have know way to g=have it dianogest,could it be the brain box it was changed when it was wreacked 5 years ago and was a used part!
When the truck sits long enough to let the engine to cool down the engine is hard to get started.
can I drop the oil pan in the truck to do the rods & main bearings & oil pump with out removing the motor? is there a way to do that? did I say it is a 4x4? I looked under the truck, it looks realy tight. so can it be done?

can I drop the oil pan in the truck to do the rods & main bearings & oil pump with out removing the motor? is there a way to do that?
put fuel in throttle body it will run
My dim headlights wont work when you hold the dimmer switch the brigt lights will work but half to hold on have replaced light switch did fix
I have a 94 Dakota that will not pass the emissions test in my state. The NOx is way too high. The exhaust has been replaced. The EGR valve is new. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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