1994 Dodge Dakota Questions

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cheapest unit to fix cat issues to pass texas air test for last time. next year will need safety-only inspx, so not hot to spend much moolah six months from smog-test freedom.
truck, not starting, gas tank removed now show us location of fuel pump and filter
its not batt or alt, pvc replace tbody cleaned, i'm taking idel air control vavle now to clean ??????
It seems as though my headlights will just shut off intermittently as well as the radio and the interior dash lights. This may only happen when all are on. Voltage regulator????
I am having issues with gas mileage. I have been getting progressively less miles since I ran out of gas.
Then the truck died completely does any one know what could have possibly happened
changed plugs & roter it ided so so but after a coupl of miles it wanted to die & back fire agen. Plus i smell like it,s burning up
small black insulator, snaps onto sensor then wires plug in. need a part number or ??
When at operating temp shut off and will not start until engine cold
Will not start after driving for 20 minutes until it cools down
have changed crank sensor. better but is not right
tranny is newly rebuilt new valve body , new torque converter, new clutches seals fluid , filters ect. shifts fine for a while then shifts down low to second then acts like your running out of fluid but fluid is full
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