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Is there a such thing as putting the injectors back in time if I mess with the distributor on my 91 Dodge 2.5 l if so how do you do it, it jump time and I put it back in time and it was a little off so I adjusted or thought I was adjusting the distributor until I found out it was self-timed so what do I do if I spray starting fluid into who the carburetor it will fire up and goes right back off!!!
have replaced bcm,fuel pump,pressure regulator,map sensor,throttle position sensor,cleaned tbi and injectors. I can not seem to narrow this problem down. at times the truck runs like a new one and then out of the blue no throttle response unless you hold to the floor or just above idle.i sure could use some insight i have even replaced injector o rings not sure what to do next except opt for dist. and tbi replacement to carb setup
The heater in my 1991 Dakota only works after driving many miles. The heater continues to blow cold air even after the engine temperature has risen past C.
I have a 91 dodge Dakota 3.9 V6. It will idle fine and when you rev it up it sounds ok but when you take off and give it gas it will act like it isn't getting enough fuel or losing power but if u pump it a few times it will take off and catch up with itself. It will do it when you are taking off or in low gears
after about 30 minutes it will restart and run good. Then dies again going about 5-10 miles, wait 30 or so minutes and restart good. I have had the computer box replaced, the coil replaced, tuned twice, plugs replaced & fuel filter replaced all by repair shop. What can I do now? Shop said not sure what it is. Can you help?

I have a 1991 dodge Dakota and for about a year it stalls whenever I hit the brake to stop. The other day it started and stalled within a few seconds and it won't start. I replaced the coil the one against the firewall and it still won't start any ideas in where to begin, unfortantly i don't have codes because I reset the computer. Thanks
I got a 91 dodge dakota wid the 5.2 I replaced fuel pump fuel filter when you crank it up at first it runs good idle take gas and all then about 5 MIN IT stop idleing and run fast and slow steadying doing and spits and spotters when you try and give it gas if you drop it in gear sometimes it shut off and some times you half to hold rhe break and the whole truck steady jumping back and fourth like the moter starveing for fuel and the new pump and fuel gang want work with new pump and sending unit what could it be maybe just got ahold of a defect pump I'm all out of ideas
Already replaced all plastic connectors.Could there be another cause?
I have tri changing the injector but it still does the same thing
if I changed the injector cap around still only one will spry how do I fix this problum
i just put a new ecu in it
I just noticed today when my brakes felt mushy. I check fluid level 3 months ago, was good.
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