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Breaks go to floor. Loud whooshing sound at pedal. No fluid leaks. Master cylinder full.
Well its a 89 dakota actually not a 90 but I have a lifter ticking and I've tried sea foam I've tried lucks and it only seems louder up until about 3 days ago where it stalls out when I take off from a dead start now and can I replace just a couple lifters at a time
Runs fine thru 1st, 2nd & third gear but that's as far as it goes. Running highway speeds is really hard on gas, not to mention the extra wear on the engine
New plugs, wires, dist. Cap, rotor, fuel pump, filter. All changed. Very low original miles. Thank you
No spark no tart power getting to coil all fuses are good
what replacement fuel pump module will fit this dakota with 3.9 engine. direct replacement not available. thanks
replaced scem and coil, not getting any power from scem to coil
trying to find if the engine computer charges the alternator and if I replace will it be programmed already
mabey every 10 times it will work even if i leave it on as soon as i turn off car and turn on again the blower stops working can it be the blower control switch going bad
When I connect the battery the idle position motor moves to the correct position for starting I can turn the key and the truck will start right up the problem I am having is that when I turn the key off the idle position motor moves back to the correct off position but when j turn the key back on it will not move into the correct position for starting unless the battery is disconnected. I replaced the idle position motor itself and the decelerate fuel cut off relay but neither has corrected the problem
I have a 3.9L V6. that develops a coolant leak between the aluminum timing chain cover and the iron block. I can get it sealed up with PERMATEX silicone sealants & a new gasket but the leak reappears after about 12 to 18 months.
What I need is a more effective sealant?

From reading the other postings, I am guessing they are having the same problem. Timing chain cover to block. It mimics a water pump gasket, which actually is not that difficult to fix and stays fixed. You cannot tell it is the timing chain cover until you take it off & examine the old gasket?

Back to my issue. I need a better sealant than the PERMATEX silicone stuff I have been using. HELP
Was driving truck it just cut know it won't start know I have no fire to the plugs it is a87
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