1990 Dodge D350 Questions

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I have replaced fuel filter, battery, starter, distributor cap and points, no fire going to coil, what else could it be?
i have a problem i have to pump my breaks to make them work
Where is it located? I cannot find it in the engine compartment and the only place left concealed is the dashboard and firewall behind it. Also have to ask, even though I was sold a freestanding VR, where is the "black box", computer, auto switching box or whatever you wish to call it. I have seen reports that this VR is a part of that and that there are more than one type of electrical system on vans of this year. The Alternator box said it was for external regulator and new alternator did not help with problem of NOT CHARGING. The VR I have is a 1" thick 4x5" metal can with one two wire connector and filled with black epoxy on the back side.
This 90 350 van may be going to scrap before I replace the ECM due to the previous experience with the diesel truck ECM, Dodge dealer and Chrysler in general. If so I will be looking for an older vehicle with no computer, most likely a simple carb and ignition system that I can fix. I have had a lot better luck with Ford and Chevy vehicles as above and would not EVEN consider a new vehicle today because the most simple design is almost always the most reliable in my 64 yr experience. Wish I could find a diesel van but have never heard of one so? Maybe a Caddie or Lincoln W/trailer(s) as these have served me well before. Maybe I'll search out a VW microbus as that is one of the most simple, practical, economical and dependable designs I have ever seen. Just hate to give up the size and comfort of the big dodge but am really tired of Dodge trucks that are the real Fix or Repair Daily vehicles from my experience. Any suggestions?
suspicious 2x3" metal "can" on firewall front connects to batt..but no voltage on any of the other 3 wires? Saw post about engine control circuit inside firewall? in engine comp't? under dash? inculding regulator? what does it look like? Dies when either batt cable pulled. Any other parts in charging system? Heard that cables loose to dash voltmeter could be the problem? This is my home electric generator w/big deep cycle batt & inverters. Any other quick diagnostic tests? 12V to ground on all 3 alt terminals OK. Connectors cleaned/replaced. Multipin plug in wiring on front of firewall kills engine when unplugged.
is it something that can easily be done at home
new fuel pump/screen/filter.will only run for a miniute if u dump some fuel down tbi.fuel pump relay? IM FUC**NG LOST!!!!
The pickup is a 1979 dodge the engine is a 383 I need the engine replaced. The Truck is in Lake City, FL. How do I find someone reliable who can replace the engine? how much should something like that cost.
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