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Check engine light flashes, wait to start and water in the fuel the overdrive kicks off and some times the speedo fails
Worked for two days and same thing at first no power at ignition key
I got the connection on the transmission but I can't find where to connect the other end
all the time.
sorry i am new at this.battery is not charging,so i had the ecm checked and it was good,replaced the crankcase sensor and checked the alternator and i am still not getting a charge.thanks in advance for your help.
alternator checked out as being fine,anymore suggestions.thanks
computer chacks out fine,replaced crankshaft sensor an still not
how hard is it to change fuel pump in my 1992 dodge van
The Blk/Org Wire coming out of the ignition switch to the fuse box is overheating. Problem was discovered after power windows stopped working and having to jiggle the key to make it work. The wires continue to overheat when held together and operating the windows and blower motor either independently or at the same time. I changed the motor. Used a jump wire from the battery to the Blk/Org wire. Any other suggestions. This has had me baffled for over a year now. Your help would be appreciated.
I think I got some bad fuel, and then the next day it was extremly cold and driving down the road it just shut off.
I have replaced the fuel filter, added good fuel with additive,and checked the pump, but it still seems to be geting no fuel and has no compression.
Is the speedometer controlled by a sensor on the transmission? If so, where is it located?
I have recently had my truck to the dodge dealer to have this problem fixed, but nearly $1000.00 later they could not find or fix the problem. New altenator,new computer and several hours labour.
There is one thing that does concern me however. There is an aluminum encased fuse right inline with my left knee (while sitting in the driver's seat) that is very hot to touch. I don't think it should be so. Am I right?
Whwen I place the heater control selector to defrost, no air comes from the vents on top of the dash. Could it possibly be a rotary valve problem?
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