1992 Dodge D250 Questions

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when you are going about 50 mh and brake to make a turn the engine stalls,
I have "in" and "Out" ports on the same side of my fuel filter and am confused about which line goes where
During takeoff after starting the truck takes forever to get up to speed and even slows down even if you hold the pedal to the floor. it just started doing this and only does it when its cold but after it warms up it seems to run fine. it acts if though it has no power..
Where under the hood is the voltage regulator or is it located under the dash
wont start
i am trying to instal my remote start unit on the truck but need help with location of the park nutaral safety switch location and description of wires so i can conect the unit to it
I have an oil leak bad, need instructions on how to remove and does it take a gasket or how do I stop the leak if it does not? What is the easiest way to remove and repair myself, ASAP, like today, Saturday.. if possible while I have the time.......and how long does it take to do this? Thanks....Denny
motoer turns over will not start
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