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When I start it sounds good I put a new oil pan new oil pump course oil change new spark plugs new distributor and rotor as well as a new fuel filter and fuel pump but for some reason when I come to a light or braking for a turn my oil pressure have drops and then the truck Will sputter until I can press the gas or most often dies leaving me to have to throw in neutral and restart this has a 5.9 360 with a 727 torqueflight transmission
My transmission started slipping mechanic said tourk converter was bad had it unsalted in the process transmission front seal got damage so it leak seal got fixed but know no leak but its slipping again when truck & transmission is cold it will drive,this i know he broke the transmission shifting linkig put the wrong transmission fluid what can i do now
Will not start car in fear it is empty of whatever oil or fluid battery now dead too
i noticed this noise when i would let go of the clutch it would make a sound like putting some nails in a coffee can and shaking them up. It lasts for a few seconds the stops it doesn't always do this. Also i have been noticing it while im driving at low rpms. it doesn't always do this but it does last longer i don't notice any performance changes and shifting is just fine. i'm paranoid hoping its not my transmission or anything major of course everyone hopes that.

i have heard many different things from people just to wonder the heck that even does. It would be helpful to have a checklist of things that i should do because i know little about engines or vehicles im trying to learn everything i possibly can.
Brake pedal goes soft while at a red light why
my dash light don't work, even when i turn the light switch
no power to the injector or the coil after 20 minutes of running what can i check or fix
I replaced the alternator. No voltage. I grounded the (-) field terminal to the alternator chasis and the alternator then produced voltage. The alternator stated it is internally regulated. However, I was informed that my D250 has an external voltage regulator. I cannot find it. If it does have an internal and external voltage regulator it seems like this would create large problems.
I have not been able to locate any shorts, or opens yet. Fuses seem to be good. I have had conflicting information about the SMEC/PCM. I have check engine light on. codes 12, 33, 35, and 41 via flash codes. Break light, check engine, mainenance required idicators are lit. Truck runs great on battery power.
I don't want to put a bunch of money into the vehicle. Any suggestions?? Thank you

Jeff Mohler
Starts fine, then acts like it's going to quit. Driving is real jerky like no fuel getting to TBI. I think it's the fuel filter I'll replace and see.
yesterday light came on and off truck started sluggishly today turned over didn't start now does nothing when turning the key. had the injector pump rebuilt and fuel pump replaced in december truck ran great up till yesterday
this last summer i bought my granddaughter a 1990 dodge dynasty. we've put on three serpentine belts on and they keep coming off. can someone help me? from lorraine.
crying in drayton nd
speedomter doesn't work at all and everything seems to be hooked up
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