1993 Dodge D150 Questions

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replaced motor
distributor everything that goes to it
fuel injectors
timing chain
water pump
dropped gas tank and cleaned it replaced with 93 gas

How long have you had this problem? years
both it and orange ac wire with fusible link are hot and fusible links are blown. just bought truck and trying to chase problem down
I have a 1993 dodge d150 2-wheel rwd 3.9L with a 3-speed auto
I need to know what gears are in the rear end... the number on the rear end housing is 4384213
It ran great before he redid the wires in the back now when I go to put it in reverse I hit the brake and it dies.
I replaced crank sensor when I pinched it in bell housing and block. Replace coil, pick up coil, rotor button, and distributor cap. Could it be something with the connection of the crank sensor? Is it something other than the ECU?
the "check engine" light came on. Now the vehicle is hard to start sometime draining the battery before starting. Once the vehicle starts it surges up and down for a while before balancing out, but when you turn the engine off, it won't restart without jumping it and the "surging" cycle happens again. What can cause this?
I have changed the fuse link wiring harness 4 times, and have burned out one of the two orange wires every time, so this last time i put in a in line fuse, because it is getting hard to find this harness, but now i keep blowing the in line fuse. Please help!!
In Lake Elsinore CA for new lines and transmission there is no chance of a transmission failure due to improper lubrication from something other worn other then the trans. TY so much… ty you so much
I have been looking online for headrests and also calling recking yeards. If anyone knows a place in lake elsinore CA area 92530 were I could find some new or used in any color. my sets are blue bucket seats original. Please help if you can and thank you :D
I am looking around for a new trans. for a good price new or rebuilt? Moreover; a good place to get parts for my truck model here or around Lake Elsinore? I also, am haveing trouble finding headrest for my "club cab seats" I think that the name of the kind? I need 2 new or used ones or at least the size if anyone can help??? I have been looking a lot online to no avail :( thank you so much…..
I'am haveing truble with my "Automatic Transmission". I had it checked out and was told by two othere Mechanics it is the cluches and I need a rebuild :/. Were, would be the best and most affordable place for me to go? Also, I was qouted $800-$1250 Max to rebuild the one I have. If you could help me out thank you so much....
My truck will stall after putting it into gear when its cold or hot. it only does it sometimes. truck will also stall cold or hot when slowing down.
I would like to change out my radio,in my pickup.I am haveing trouble trying to get it out.Can you explane to me how to remove this radio,to replace it with another
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