1990 Dodge D150 Questions

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readiness monitor won't reset
Can t lock with key or push button.
It's a 1986 Dodge D150 with slant 6 motor. On the starter there is the positive cable and one other that is connected by a metal strip type thing. I need to replace the positive to battery cable but it is connected to the other one. They both run into a plastic tube with many other wires, so how do I replace just that one cable if it is connected to the other one? They are next to each other at the starter, about 2 inches away from that is where they go into the plastic tube.
1985 d150 318 bucks when turning left and if lights are on they flicker radio also turns off . electrical or carb ?
I have a 1989 dodge ram 3.9L V6 no problems no noise then I noticed a freeze plug leaking above the starter so I pulled the starter replaced the freeze plug put starter back on filled coolant then started the truck now I have a horrible noise coming from somewhere so I pulled off all the belts still same noise so I know it isn't anything belt driven can't find noise need help
New cap and rotor, plugs and wires. This has started in the last week. Starts and idles fine no noticeable miss. Rave it up in park, and don't notice a miss. When it warms up running down the road it starts missing. Auto trans, fluid is full. What might be the cause?
put on new injectors and after an hour they have burnt out. New fuel pump, filter, and gas lines.
Smelled a rotten egg smell for a few days popped thehe battery was steaming ... got a altenator test was over charging my battery a new altenator installed it and now the truck is just continuosly turning over not cranking/starting up...checked the coils and distributor akd there was no spark and so i replace the coil distributor spark plugs and wires, altenator, radiator, thermostat, starter, belts, hoses, pulleys, ac compressor, power steering pump, water pump, plus oil hange and oil filter and air filter and its got plenty of gas...everytig wprks like the altenator is charging the (brand new battery) but the truck just isnt starting. ..
I cage the ignition switch under the dash and still no power on dash and switch in the column
Cannot figure out how to check the fuses the fuse box underneath the dash. Not much is labeled and not much is uncovered by electrical tape.
I have a 1986 dodge ram D150 318 it keep burning battery up can't figure out why
And oil light is on now I checked the oil level is good. coolant is good got heat. No knocking or rattling fuse under dash is good what can be wrong???? And truck is 1989 with 3.9 liter engine. Just started this no warning.
I've been slowly losing 3rd, then no 3rd gear at all. Then I lost all great power. It starts, but won't move. It has been leaking transmission fluid. Possible fluid leak from the seal on the torque converter. I'm not sure if it is the converter or something else. Please help
The noise gets a little louder the faster I go but the noise don't change when trans. Shifts but when I start slowing down to a stop it sounds like it could be some sort of gear maybe but it isn't a metal to metal sound and also it has a miss in it driving and at idle

Again, engine cranks and revs fine in park and moves forward in drive under basic idle, but when you push gas pedal, engine will not rev up.
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