2013 Dodge Charger Questions

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Just trying to replace it
I push the break, then the start button like normal, but it won't start. All the lights, radio, and dash board work. Can you help?
They broke my screen so I can't touch the screen no more but u can still see everything just can't touch it
I hear a knocking in the right rear of my vehicle as I'm driving
Occasionally, the pedals move toward my feet or "up" when I'm driving. The switch on the seat and the sensors on the pedals have been replaced, but problem lingers
On both sides on the lower part edges, a few of them are barely lit. My car just 2 years old and very disappointed.
I had to install a lock on my pro master van and to get the back door lock to fit you have to cut the center rubber seal and there is a orange wire and a chrome strip is this for the lights in side or for strength
I have a 2013 charger r/t. The hose between the radiator, and the engine is spraying coolant. I was told that to fix the problem i needed to replace the entire radiator. I'm feeling like i am being scammed. Is this true?
When it is real hot out about 85 an up it will not put out cold are but will run when the air is cooler what is the problem!
sometimes it does stay on but very rarely
I'm trying to set shift points in a software dashboard program. Dashcomand.
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