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2012 Dodge Charger... Makes a tick sound after push start button and says ignition on but engine not running
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
Someone know why did this happened ? Is there any recall related to this problem? It is an R/T model 5.7 engine.
While driving a msg occured "service power steering" my first insta was to turn the ignition off while waitinf at the signal. After which when i drove my car, the steerinf wont just rotate. Its fixed at one place and i have no idea why. Ive be getting my car serviced from official dodge service center. Whay may went wrong?
I went through a big puddle on my way into work this morning. I didn't see it so I didn't slow down at all. The car is still driving normally, but whenever it's moving, there's this loud noise throughout the whole car that sounds like static. It stops when my car is completely stopped. It did that for my whole 45 minute drive in. What could be making this noise? And if the noise has stopped by the time I drive home from work tonight do I still need to be worried about it?
Been a cold winter, and every time we start our car it plays a flute like sound when it starts. Once it runs for a bit and warms up it stops. The second start of the day is usually quiet. Anyone know what causes this? Or how to fix.
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