2009 Dodge Charger Questions

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The air conditioning,fan nor heat is working in my 2009 dodge charger. Nothing happens when you turn the knobs and a.c. button does not light up. Help
is there a recall on 2009 Dodge Charger ignition switch
Recent was told that a recall on my 2009 dodge charger ignition Switch
because my car losing power and I cant get correct reading because there a defect on my switch.
Transmission not shifting. Auto zone did dianostic and the code is for transmission solenoid
And my cars struggling to get power I can hear the transmission pushing .happened after my car died now can only start it with a 1000 volt jumper box . And sometimes need a jump also from another vehicle. Is there anything I can do?? Help
Driver's side headlight stopped working. I replaced the headlight, twice actually. It still didn't work. A mechanic first said it was a relay switch, a $260 repair. I okayed it, but then they caled back saying, no it would actually be $1,106!
lock/unlock pop up on passenger front not responding
Motor blown need to replace
My car will not stay charged. Replaced battery,ignition switch, and keys and still having the same problem.
when making right turns stearing wheel hardens and is harder to turn what needs fixed
The CD player is working but the FM isn't working.... every thing is working good but when I switch it to the FM "RADIO" it doesn't give any sound or a noise.
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