2008 Dodge Charger Questions

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cranks over but wont start
why is it on and how long does it take to fix it ?
Where is fuel vapor detection pump located?
I check all fuses but none of them are blow and change the light ball and nothing works but only my headlights do work
Just got a new motor new 02 sensor and s new throttle body and the car cuts off when I stop at red lights and stop signs!! The etc light just blinks it doesn't stays on.
It sounds like when you hold a typewriter key down
Pump doesn't make any noise. All relays and fuses are good.
Air intake is low to the ground and driving through any amount of water can cause water to enter and hydro lock the engine.
All the segments light up on the gearshift indicator and transmission will not shift until gearshift is put back in park and then back to drive.
Car started idling rough and squealing noise when you start to turn the steering and loss of running power
Do I have to look up the vin # or can I tell by other things?
When I hit the button to sync my cell with the bluetooth of the car, it says "It does not have Uconnect". I also have satellite radio so if that works shouldn't I be able to use my bluetooth in the car?
It does not do this when I roll it down. I don't hear a weird noise except from the window and I am assuming the rubber pieces that it slides between.
I was driving into town my car turned off and luckly I was able to pull into a store but had to leave my Car there because it wouldn't turn on went back a couple hours later still didn't turn on so my car is sitting at a store I know it's not the battery because everything turns on except the car do you guys know what it could be please help the oil light turned on right before it turned off on me again can you please help oh I almost for got I have been having trouble also on turning it on I don't think it's the ignition switch because that was replaced when they had a recall on that car please help thanks 9/7/2016 at 12:58 am
lights blinked turned off car didn't start back up tried jumping it. still didn't start
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