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It cranks, but you have to keep your foot on the accelerator. When you take it out of park it turns off. There is a lot of smoke coming out of the pipes. I smell fuel. There is no depressurized sound coming from the tank when I take the cap off anymore. Where does the transmission fluid go?

Ive been looking around to see if anyone else has has this issue with rpms and their car, i have a 2007 charger Hemi. When accelerating on a slight incline or decline, car will not accelerate, but when i press on the gas, rpms go up to 3. I have to pull over put tye car in park and start all over. Cant accelerate hard from a complete stop at a light or otheewise.sometimes when i accelerate rpms move and car struggles to shift, yhen shifts hard with a loud thud from the rear end, I see ppl say its a solenoid? Anyone have this problem or fixed it? Thanks.

Low oil pressure light came on after installing upper radiator coolant hose and engine revved up by itself. Car would not start after that.

Then turns car off. I have taken it to mechanic and put the computer on it said sits cylinder one mis firing I have changed all cylinders and spark plugs. Can you help me with this problem

I tried both switches. Rolls down fine. Slamming the door with the window button in the up position to shake motor. Nothing works and it 2/3rd's of the way down.

I want it to be the exact same door, it was in a wreck and it all dented etc.

got car in non starting condition. code 0340, 1101, 1110? replaced spark plugs, csm sensor, timing belt. set tdc. turns over, wont start. now no codes. all fuses good.

Old occurance what other problems could this cause to other parts and how much would a rough fix be around found one with crank shaft broke asking around 1k for it and the known problem is the crank shaft but could there be worse to fix is it worth the time and money?

My husband just replaced the thermostat and spark plugs in the car and now it's making a squealing and popping noise. I need too know what could be causing this. He changed everything out today at the house.

My son hit a curb. Took it in for a wheel alignment and they told him that a pinion was broken on the rack

How long should it take