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I've been experiencing a sort of rattle noise when I'm at a stop light or sign and the car is in drive and I'm applying the brakes. I hear it on the driver side and it's seems to be isolated inside the car. I have a 2006 Dodge Charger R/T with a HEMI. Does any one know what could be causing it.
Sync myphone to my car. Has phone symbolon rear view mirror
My car won't shift out of first gear
I paid for a diagnostic on the car I didn't receive any kind of report the check engine light was on the part was $155 and I was charged $523 in labor cost they did an OBD2 drive cycle relearn which was $143 does this seem correct to you
The key will fit in the door but it won't unlock it and my key fob is dead
I turn the radio on it lights up but there is no sound
The top of my dash is coming up. It is making the clips of the ac vents break so the vents are coming off. Wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I was hoping it was a recall but nope. My car is looking ugly and making me sad. I will need to replace it but i need to find the part and figure out how to do it.
I've been having problems with having to get it jumped off. It was like my car just cut off smooth with no jerking.
When I turn all the way to the side my car turns off, the tire seems very low out of nowhere. I can't accelerate anywhere as fast as I normally can, the noise is very consistent with me accelerating, as I'm pressing on the pedal it is hitting it multiple times a second very loudly if I'm going fast.
I have a 2006 Dodge charger RT 5.7 Hemi my car is switching gears but as i get on the road and go to drive it do not switch gears. My battery went dead yesterday and i had to get a new battery. Now my car will not switch gears as im driving and picking up speed. Someone told me a solinoid and then i was told i need to change my fluids and my filter.HELP HELP HELP
Have had problems with my 06 dodge Daytona since I got it. Had to have sunroof replaced, tie rods replaced, battery in trunk replaced. Ebs light stayed on. Gear shifter stuck had to have that replaced ,gas, filled up n car stalled constantly till I wasted 1/4 of my gas. Airbags replaced. This was all out of my pocket cause they claim there was no recalls on any of the problems I have had. Now the alternator....
replaced radiator, water pump, timing chain, battery. Was running fine. Had built up oil in oil pan. cleaned oil pan and pick-up tool. Now she acts like she wants to crank but won't
Car is cutting off and seeming as though it is out of gas. Sometimes it runs and other times it does not.
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