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Airconditiiner looses cold air and will not keep the van cool. Put freon and seal in. Still gets hot compressor comes on. Bought a can of sealer and freon together used half . Started to go to the yellow on gauge. Still no cool cab. In the morning I have aircondition. Wonder what to do?
left turn signal works in front but not back the brake light and the turn signal dont work work on the back
i have a 3.3 engine and it takes a lone time to heat up but the heat indicator is at half way point and it still a while to get heat from the heater
The van is stuck in park and will not go into reverse or drive
my headlight won't come on and the high beams don't work either. I have 2008 Dodge Caravan
And the car is fine,i never saw this small red light before
Works fine on defrost. When I turn to Vent or any other position it stops blowing cold air. A/C light stays on.
Also loosing a lot of fluid from resvior prior to changing cap.
The a/c system is full of refridgerant, & cools great if I supply power to the clutch with a jumper wire.The system rest & run pressures are correct & the condenser/radiator cooling fan comes on correctly. It does not have any codes, & the a/c can not be turned on with my scan tool or with a jumper at the relay, it will only come on by jumping power straight to the compressor clutch.
The mileage numbers turned from numbers to the message 9ASCAP what is this trying to indicate?
The horn does not work even after I changed the fuse
Problems started after i pulled out the aftermarket CD player that was in our van when we bought it used. I have taken it out and inspected the wires to make sure they're all plugged in, etc. I have read about a common problem with faulty wires between the PCB DLC RKE blocks that can cause this, but that was on older models around 2000.. Can anyone help me fix this?
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