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We were driving and the van cut off while making a turn. When we tried to restart it it turned over but wouldn't crank. Check the fuel railroads make sure we got fuel when pump was engaged. Made sure coil pack was firing. Couldn't get visible fire on spark plugs so changed them and still not cranking. Any help with this problem. Would be appreciated as I don't have money to blindly throw at this problem.
It won't work when needed during rain and turn signals won't work either
inside lights blink, doors lock themselves,battery warning light came on,went off in just a minute, malfunction indicator light came on while driving, then after arriving home, turned van off then restarted van ,light wasn't on. took van to dealership, they couldn't get a code. could computer be going bad or is it a sensor?
Why my heat blowing cold air now that I got intake manifold gasket put on
Any suggestions on how to get to the last screw on the bottom without tearing out insulation?
2006 dodge caravan 2.4L
Check engine light is on
Replaced coil still no spark, charged up battery and cleaned terminals, still crank but won't start.
then comes on strong--When Oxygen sensors are acting up acting up will it cause this condition ?
This has been happening for 3 months. Engine runs fine and mileage ok. 3.3 engine, 60,000 miles. Service engine light comes on without fail at half tank and resets when filled
do we need to change the whole ETC
This problem has occurred twice now.oncr when cold the other when hot.The shift indicator light shows the vehicle is in reverse. But it is in fact in park. The indicator lights up in reverse, D,3, and L, but park or Neutral. After moving shifter back and forth over a period of a couple of hours I finally got it to light up in neutral and it started.
car the gauge moves the odometer goes hay weir some times headlights go on an off cant use my chager for phone or radio car engine dies then heater comes on. after it dies the car will start up sounds like it could be a electrical problem .
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