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We bought this van a while ago and have never been able to get the DVD display to turn on. The speakers play the sound from the movie we want to watch, but there is never anything on the display.
The right directional blinks fast but only light up very dim, when you turn on the lights it don't work at all. Bulbs are good. I was told I need a new light assembly $50.
I lost my car key fob
My power steering line is broken, and I want to know how to stop damage from happening to the power steering pump. Can I disconnect the power to the pump so that it does not hurt itself. Or should i clamp the broken line, so that the pressure can still build up. (I'm fine with driving with no power steering, just don't want anything else to break)
Engine will crank but will not catch. Never had any problems before today.
Rear hatch is broken
Have replace o2 censor,fuel pump,catalytic converter,ground wire
It's off track, but need a new motor
my vechle is in shambles what is suggested for keeping my vechle safe and in good condition for all seasons.
Van is loosing coolant into the cab floor boards on both sides of the van.. It travels down the sides on the floor and into the back.. Hester core is in the middle of van.. Where in he'll is it leaking from?? It's got rear heat/ac.. Can someone plz help me out here I'm one baffled dude atm
Had it checked with code reader for transmission. Said its not getting ground at the shift moduel 2-4 solenoid wire going to the shift moduel solenoid pack from pcm connection #4. So what I think i am needing is either the color code of that ground wire or the pin number that the ground wire represents. I hate wiring any help you can give me would be helpful. thanks
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