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I have a 2004 dodge caravan its in limp mode, wont shift. I replace the shift solenoid and both speed sensors input and output. I reset the battery and drive it and it will shift once and then u hear a beep sound and then it wont shift anymore. I check the dash code and it throws code p0700 for the same problem.
change plugs, wires , air filter , change injector , clean coborator . code p0303 still shows .
My husband was working on the break caliper on my van thinking that's why the breaks wouldn't work.. well turns out he just knocked a hose loose when he replaced my spark plugs... but once he fix the hose and the breaks work again.. now my stirring wheel is off center I have to keep it turned right about 15 degrees to keep the vehicle driving straight, how can we fix this and what happend?
The air running doesn't seem to affect it, yet if we come up to a light, stop sign, it will conk out. Starts up fine, no overheating. Thoughts
this happens only when it is left overnight. otherwise in the middle of the day it runs perfect without single issue.
I was driving at 15 mph in a mall parking lot and felt a bump, like I had run over a speed bump or something in the road. Nothing was in the road way. A minute later the check engine light came on...after which the van won't shift up. Drives great up to 45 mph. But rpm's rev up to 5000 at 60 mph. Feels like the transmission can't shift up.
When your drive it, it feels like somethings holding it back. Misfiring/ pulsing at 1500 rpm. Thinking a timing issue or what?
I replace the alternator belt and spark plugs today but the mechanic stated the plugs was wet with gas and thats why it's so hard to start. But all day I had no problem starting it. What would cause that and is it expensive to fix?
a/c leak water into passage floorboard when I drive it or run it 10 or 15 minture why

Within a few days, the speedometer came back to life, the stereo works sporadically, and the door locks only work when vehicle is started remotely.
for a couple of days then problem again, battery light came on for a day then stereo turns on and off, random warning lights come on and off then van died again.
Serpentine belt replaced 2009, idle pulley and serpentine belt 2010, now 2013 belt replaced again yet loud noise still there!
The problem is still happening it just stays in second gear can anyone help me
im, getting these codes p2308,p0113,p0108,p0123 too
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