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No cranking when using key but will crank not start when jumping starter relay.
I replaced the 2 resistors in the fuse box but still only runs on high
Misfire worst on low idle. Engine was smooth before changing torque converter. Shakes bad when parked.
I popped the hood and on the passenger side, above the tire, a bolt or rod, seems to be bouncing off the hood when I hit bumps.
I replaced the resistor and it olny worked for 5 minutes.
I went to auto zone and they ran the test not it and the codes p1491, p0443, and p1495 popped up. Does this have something to do with the check engine light not coming on? How do I fix these codes
van wont crank over
reset there's no sensor.What can I do?
When I press the driver side door handle and then the door latches and closes but if the door handle is out away from the car the door will not close.
Replaced fuel pump & fuel filter, still will not start
It's a 3.3. It has to come out of the bottom. Plus that's replacing the water pump, thermostat and wiring harness. I'm supplying the engine and all the parts. They're saying $2500 labor. I think they're trying to rip me off.
Still is not working. I checked the fuses & relay. They are good. The switch has a little dot light that does come on when turning on the rear wiper switch.
I discovered the rear window of my van blown out while parked in my driveway and have no idea what happened.
van sometimes starts but won't keep running
I replaced almost everthing under the hood i checked the fuleinjecters with a 9 volt battery and some brake cleaner in every time i met + with wire it sprayed. I hear fule pump coming on so i think its ok when i took spark plugs out they were black and wet this van also had cat over heated do u think maybe somthing wrong with heads
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