2002 Dodge Caravan Questions

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Im getting a p0203 code, the injector has been replaced, i checked continuity of the plug from plug to first harnesd break point and its got conitnuity. I added a conductive grease to the pins of the injector so makes better connection to the plug, also has a new ecm in the van. What else could be why its throwing code
When I put it in gear waiting on a red light, the engine seams like it wants to die but it hasn't yet. When I put it in park or neutral it does just find. What is it causing the problem?
smell of gas
How often should spark plugs be changed
The alternator is fine
What could be wrong with a 2002 dodge caravan ? We have replaced the the motor,the computer,fuel pump,fuel filter,cam senors,plugs,plug wires it will turn over and spit and sputter but that is all .Checked all fuses
Repair damaged wires on engine harness a shop to take it to get repairs done.
OK the van just died while driving someone replaced the fuel pump but the ground wire came off of it they fixed it and then decided they were going to replace the brain and threw the original away
Attached to axel is off created a hole and now from banging off axel it's cracking it? What is the part that bolt from shock to axel and do I need a new axel..200,000 a bit over...but still strong just this bs.
weve checked the break pads ...
Fluid level good...
we put the emergency break on ... release it and it stays off for long enough to pull out of driveway.....then ding....back on
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