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need upper and lower seals replaced smelling burnt antifreeze should I replace any thing else and what are these seals
What causes this,how does this affect the smog,who should I take it to for a fair pricing and how long does it take?
the smog test says OBD EVAP NOT COMPLETED AND OXY SNSR HEAT NOT COMPLETED, What do we need to do so get these codes to reset so we can pass smog? We have been driving for days and hundreds of miles and it still hasnt reset.
Just replaced rack & pinion 2 weeks ago
When you pull over and try to restart, the fuse box starts making a loud ticking noise. After you wait until the van cools down it will start right back up.
It seems to grab and thump with every rotation of the tire while slowing.
I need to take the old air pump out and put in a new one, how do I do that?
I had my car repaired and I had to reset the readings in order to pass a Nevada Smog check. The EGR will not complete re-setting and I have driving miles on the car in concert with the specs on the website and it still registers "incomplete" what can I do to get this to re-set so I can pass my smog check?
I have replaced the radiator and thermostat. Cannot get any heat because coolant will not flow through the system. Tried back flushing with no problems, replaced the radiator cap, turned car, and heat on. Took a while to get pressure on coolant system but once I did the coolant seem to not flow past thermostat which is new. The previous radiator cracked from so much back pressure. Again, I backed flushed the system using a water hose with no problem. Why can I not get any flow to relieve pressure on the radiator?
it has fuel and sprak
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