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I am putting in at least 3 Liters a day now, also the mileage has gotten worse since this oil leak. Don't know anything else, I put oil in it and it leaks out all over the ground
Sequence of problem.
Began misfire 50 mi. from home. Check engine light been on for a week. Visual inspection. Open radiator. Low, small bubbles. Fill before driving home. Temp is higher than normal
Drove home, 5 miles out misfire stops
Next morning, starts normally. Starts misfire after warming up. Check radiator after filling reservoir. No bubbles now.
Same next day. Decide to change plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Discover fans aren't working.
Change out front bank plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Decide to start and test drive. Engine runs smooth, but retarded, lack of power.
Remove windshield wiper linkage pan, serpentine belt and alternator
Change out rear bank plugs and wires.
Reinstall alternator, replace serpentine belt.
Decide to test start before reinstalling wiper linkage pan. Get no start.
Test for spark with special spark tester
All plugs and coil have 1/2" spark
Decide no fuel to engine is problem
Where to begin testing. Have dig multimeter and years with mechanic dad.
The exhaust sound is similar to that when there is water in the fuel. Codes logged are P0340 and P0740. The stall starts gradually with no power, then power resumes and increases in frequency until it is just no power and shut down. As soon as it cools, it starts and runs normally.
It tried to turn over once the nothing no sound but lights work
It happens almost everytime I crank car now being going on bout a month its a jard noise to explain but like its dragging to start but starter,battery,alternator checked out fine no check engine light on
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing seems to make it better or worse it just makes the spund or doesnt but it makes it more often now then 3 weeks ago
How long have you had this problem? About a month
It happens more often now it sounds like krkrkr hard noise to explain no check engine light is on but I know its not right
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Its just when I crank doesnf usually happen the first crank of day all ones after that
How long have you had this problem? Like a month
I was driving my 2000 dodge caravan sport out of town and all of a sudden my dash lights all came on and started flickering and my headlights went dim and the van died. Took battery off and went to auto store only to have to buy a new, charged battery. Vehicle ran fine for about 15 minutes then did it all over again. So we then took alternator off and had it tested to find out it was bad so we replaced it with an alternator that tested to be good before we put it on. Cranked up and ran just fine for an hour. Then it started acting even worse. All my gauges seemed to had quit working, my headlights went out, every dash light came on and even when I would push the had it would not exceed 35 mph. Now it's sitting on side of road. What would my problem be??
I put freon one day and the next day its gone
When I step on ecelator petal the rmp dial goes to 5 and engine revs up but the speed goes to 20
How long does the car drive before it dies?
Is there a check engine lamp on
is it the camshaft ? if so, then where is it located at 2000 dodge caravan.And how to replace it.
I think the heater or the air conditioning has a problem --after running heater 20- mins. after returning home there was a strong burnt smell coming from unde3r the hood on the passenger side.
Third fuel pump from auto zone and have checked all lines
How do I change/find leak behind engine?
Ok I got a 2000 dodge caravan sport. Sometimes when I start my van the abs light stays on and all the gauges don't work. Also when this happens the digital thing on the ceiling of the van don't register. I can get them to work by pounding on the dash. Today they didn't work and I hit it and the speedometer needle fell off. How do I fix all of them do it doesn't happen anymore
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