2000 Dodge Caravan Questions

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How long does the car drive before it dies?
Is there a check engine lamp on

is it the camshaft ? if so, then where is it located at 2000 dodge caravan.And how to replace it.

I think the heater or the air conditioning has a problem --after running heater 20- mins. after returning home there was a strong burnt smell coming from unde3r the hood on the passenger side.

Third fuel pump from auto zone and have checked all lines

How do I change/find leak behind engine?

Ok I got a 2000 dodge caravan sport. Sometimes when I start my van the abs light stays on and all the gauges don't work. Also when this happens the digital thing on the ceiling of the van don't register. I can get them to work by pounding on the dash. Today they didn't work and I hit it and the speedometer needle fell off. How do I fix all of them do it doesn't happen anymore

It happen when I get a full tank of gas

I have tried to disarm the way the book says .have power locks but they don't work ,was attempting to check n c what the problem was now the alarm is armed and can't start car . Any ideas

The oil, alternator, brake, and left turn indicator lights all went out all at once seemingly, but the temp light in the same exact area (over the dash) still works. The alternator is charging so its not that, Any ideas?

Compresser kicks on air just doesn't get cold 200 over 40 are the reading from the gauges

I was told by the Dodge dealer the check engine light stays on because the boot line is defective.

I was not given a clear answer or description of what a boot line is, and how I can fix it.

Other than the engine light - my Caravan operates wonderfully. The Dodge Dealer did attempt to fix the check engine light, but it still stays on.


I've got a 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0 liter that cranks but won't start. Mine has a distributor. I understand later models have coil packs instead. No spark, replaced ASD relay (cracked) didn't help. New distributor cost $325. What can i check to make sure i only change whats broke. Coil, cam and crank sensors. Does this distributor already contain the cam and crank sensors. Some do from what I've seen on the net. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My Van cut off when I was going down the road to get my son from his dads house(4/6/15). Haven't been having any problems with my van cutting off or starting before now. A couple so called mechanics stopped on the side of the road to help. 1 said my distributor was burnt out so my Dad and I replaced it with a brand new part. Then we realized my timing belt was broken in half so we replaced that with a brand new belt as well. The van still will not start and we have also replaced the ignition coil. We are leaning towards my crank sensor being bad now...Any suggestions??? (4/12/15)
Mommy of 4 really needs her vehicle back :(